Turangawaewae is the Maori word for Standing Place. It is a cultural concept of belonging and power. It means literally that your genealogy affiliates somewhere that connects you to the land where your ancestors lived, breathed, fought, loved, ate, hunted, dreamt and placed their stories of triumph and failure into the mountains, rivers and ocean. Even though we now find ourselves in the new generations of mixed descent, being raised away from where our blood and DNA comes from – the concept of Standing Place is important. It means that regardless of these things you have a right. The human right to belong to land. Not the land that you have bought from the Bank. But the Mother. The Earth. The country and nation that keeps your secrets and lineage close to her heart. Through blood and tears, oceans and desert, mountains to plains. The beauty of our earth is that we see the rise and lowering of the sun every day. The enlightenment of the moon and the passage way of the stars and galaxies that helped our ancestors navigate their futures across continents.

In 2014 we will dance this dance for us. The sacred ceremony of our peoples upon a land so distressed by the forgotten memory of the ancestors who once took care of it. We met each other, face to face, breath to breath and shared our stories. Shared the few words we knew of our languages, now decimated by English. We learnt to move our expression and we learnt to be together. Sharing times of intimacy. What lifts us, what lifts each other – we will discover and we will put our hearts and minds towards. The changing times and dimensions are here and we acknowledge this all through the honesty and truth of our REAL selves and our DANCE.
Mauriora tatou katoa – Life force to you all.

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